Bijou Von

Bijou Von started its journey

in the French Riviera

Our journey started in a hot summer in the South of France, where we visited some of the most renowned Perfumeries in the world. We were met with an explosion of essential oils and fragrances that spurred our senses of creativity, leading to a long-term interest in fragrances. Creating our own has been inspiring and led us to set up Bijou Von.

Our son was the one, who led us to set up Bijou Von. He initially asked us for a lavender pillow spray with essential oils, which certainly helped him to relax at bedtime. However, when he said he wished the hand gels smelt like the pillow spray, this is what led us to explore hand sanitisers. There are many different sanitisers on the market. But we found a number of people saying they didn’t like the toxic, heavy alcohol smell.

We wanted to create a range of lingering fragranced hand sanitisers, that really do smell as good as perfume, with a non-sticky formula in an easy to use spray with refillable options for those who wanted something a little bit different. We understand our customers want choice, so we have created a range to suit our customers and are always open to hearing about anything else you would like to see.

Since then, we have ventured into other products, hand made, hand poured candles, diffusers, room sprays and now crystals, which are an area we will be focussing on more. 

We hope you like our range and are always open to feedback and suggestions.

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WHO approved formulation

We have a WHO approved formulation, containing 80% alcohol and moisturising glycerin. In our sanitizers, we offer either 100% pure Essential Oils or Organic Oils or Fragrance oils. The oils are all Vegan Friendly, Not Tested on Animals and our 100% Pure Essential Oils and Organic Oils are non-GMO.

We know that Hand Sanitizers will be around for a long time, so sometimes, having something less sticky, that has a subtle lingering fragrance, whilst killing 99.9% of Germs is important.

There are lots of sanitizers on the market, and it is a personal choice, but we have ensured to give our customers piece of mind, that we conform to the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended formulation. WHO approved formulation (if a hand sanitiser doesn’t contain at least 75% alcohol as an active ingredient, it does not conform to WHO recommendation) So make sure you know what you are getting.

Bijou Von contains over 75% alcohol

Enriched with natural vegetable food grade glycerine to soften your skin as it cleans.

Quick drying, non-rinse hand sanitiser spray

Range to suit everyone

Smells divine

Our Oils

We understand customers want variety and everyone has a particular preference when it comes to a fragrance. So here at Bijou Von, we have catered for a range to suit everyone.

100% Pure Essential Oils – All these oils are Vegan Friendly, non-GMO and not tested on animals. The naturally occurring components in the majority of our oils have Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol, Linalool in them.

Organic Essential Oil – These oils are Vegan Friendly, non-GMO and not tested on animals.

Fragrance Oils – The oils we use are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. If you have a perfume you like, you will no doubt be using a fragrance. Fragrance Oils are a mix of essential and synthetic fragrances.


At Bijou Von, we want to make sure that we give back to the community. So we have teamed up to support Alexander Devine’s Children’s Hospice here in the U.K as our Charity for 2021. We are delighted to support the Alexander Devine’s Children’s Hospice. Bijou Von will donate 5% of our profits. Bijou Von, will be creating beautiful candles to help raise money for the hospice. So look out for our candles. We have 25% net of the Sugar Spun Wonder Range proceeds, will go to this wonderful charity. Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, understand that having a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition can impact on everyday life. That’s why we care for the child and the whole family. Their holistic approach is bespoke for every child and family in order to provide the best possible care and support that they need. As well as the clinical care, they open up opportunities for children and their siblings to experience fun, joy and adventures, and help families make precious memories for as long as they have. More details can be found at

The Bijou Von Team

We are a start up, with an amazing team. From our consultants, who have incredible experience in the market and bring a wide variety of skills, to our positive and always smiling Designers, whose creative flare is unfounded and who help us make this possible.

Bijou Von would not be what it is, without the all important ‘Noses’, the ones who seek out, create and provide the wonderful scents for the Bijou Von range.

Then, we have our all important testers, those who give us the great feedback to ensure we launch the right one to our all important customers. Our testers range from some NHS workers, to other healthcare professionals, to a diverse range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, without whom, we could not do this as a team.

We have made sure that our hand sanitizer is a WHO approved formulation, to ensure our customers truly know that we are compliant and our products kill 99.99% of germs.

Also, to ensure sure we reduce single use items, we have launched a Refill 250 Program for our customers.

Our team all believe it is important that we give back to the community, to support a chosen charity, where we want to provide a difference. Alexander Devine’s is one we look forward to making a difference to with donating 5% of our profits to their children’s hospice.

Watch out for the one we call Lion, who will become known more on the Bijou Von journey. One very special individual who brings a bit of magic to Bijou Von and the team.

Normal Hand Gels

“It’s sticky and smell’s like Gin”

We kept hearing, “It’s sticky and smell’s like Gin”. So we decided we could do something about that and create a quick drying, non sticky hand sanitiser that would smell divine, for those who wanted something different. 

We offer something different for those that want a fragranced hand sanitiser. Washing hands will always be the best thing to do, even if you sing Happy Birthday whilst in water suds. (Well, there are lots of people who can do this with an amazing voice, however…..we will leave that to the professionals.)

We look forward to developing out our ranges and bringing something new to you. Please do feel free to give us feedback, we look forward to hearing from you. Whilst Gin & Tonic are a perfect match, I am not sure as a scent it is something we want to be displaying.

Luxury Crystal Carvings Calendar

24 Advent days of crystals Now available at Bijou Von