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Rocks & Sparkle

Here at Bijou Von ®, we are so excited to be launching our new range of crystals and jewellery, beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting. ‘It’s a good time to Sparkle!’  

Enlighten your life and be the power in you!

Welcome to Bijou Von

We are so pleased you have come to Bijou Von. What an amazing journey! Thank you for the wonderful support we have received. We started off with our range of beautiful Bijou Von® Fragranced Hand Sanitisers & scented products.  But we have evolved! 

We have always been into crystals and initially developed our crystal candle range. Through our love of these incredible crystals & all things sparkly, we have decided to bring Crystals & Jewellery to you! 

The world needs more love and healing. Crystals have so many amazing qualities & properties in our opinion and continue to brighten your everyday!

Fragranced Hand Sanitisers

We still offer our refillable hand sanitisers. For those who want to have something additional with a luxurious moisturising feel and scent, we at Bijou Von®, offer something a little different. We provide easy to use, refillable, reusable Bijou Von Twist Atomisers, in addition to our ‘Letter Box’ sprays available in a range of scents. Perfect for on the go, school bags, and favours for tables.

Crystal Candles

The Bijou Von team have been hard at work creating our new range of luxurious crystal and mineral candles.Our Crystal Candles contain a number of different types of ethically sourced crystals. Some examples of these are:

Rose Quartz
Green Aventurine

Crystals have fast grown into a phenomenon more recently. Lots of people are wanting to have Crystals in their lives for their belief in healing and also because of the way they look as statement pieces in their homes and lives. 

Beautiful Scents

We visited a number of renowned perfumeries and created a range of fragrances for ourselves. Whenever we travelled to France, we were met with an explosion of different scents from Lavender, Citrus and intense florals, which were just incredible. We provide scents from both the UK and France.

Our Bijou Von Range

Crystal Bracelets

Each of our crystal bracelets are lovingly hand made just for you. We have selected some amazing crystals with wonderful positive words to enhance your everyday.


Featuring our new jewellery range, with some really great gifts. All come in their own gift Box.

Advent Calendars

We launch 2 amazing calendars, limited edition.
Tumble Calendar - 24 days of exciting crystals to build out your collection.
Luxury Calendar - Hand Carved crystals for your enjoyment and collection


Our luxurious Bijou Von Twist, Spray and go hand sanitisers are all vegan friendly, not tested on animals and come in a range of scents


We should be as sustainable as possible, we offer refills, which can be re-used. Our refills are perfect as they come with a spray top, to place in the kitchen, lavatories and entrance ways.


We also offer a gift packaging service & we have already combined some of our products into beautiful gift boxes, perfect for gifting. But watch this space as there is more to come!

Luxury Candle

Our luxury range of candles, with a high intensity of scent. All individually hand poured. Each in a 30cl glass, with a metal silver coloured lid.

Reed Diffuser

Our luxury range of diffuser’s, come with a high intensity of scent. Each supplied in a beautiful glass diffuser bottle, 100ml with reeds, supplied in a lovely gift box.

Crystal Candles

Look no further for lingering scented candles, in a range of different scents, perfect for that special person. Beautifully packaged.

Pick of the month

Sweet Orange Atomiser

A sweet, fresh-fruity scent of Sweet Orange. Our Organic Essential Oil citrus smell much like the orange peels it is derived from, only more intense. Contains Organic Essential oil.

Our Bijou Von atomiser, is an easy to use, refillable hand sanitizer spray, perfect for on the go. Our formula is non sticky, dries quickly, smells amazing and leaves your hands moisturised. Each 20ml bottle delivers over 200 sprays. It comes in luxurious packaging, perfect for gifting or a treat just for you and smells as amazing as perfume!
Bijou Von

Refill Scheme

At Bijou Von we believe in making a difference and re-using our Refill Bottles. So we have launched Refill 250 Program! The chance to send us back 2 of your empty 250ml Bijou Von bottles, and we will refill them at a discount for you and send them back to you free of charge. For more details click on Refill 250 below. At Bijou Von, we are passionate about reusing our bottles and atomisers and eliminating as much waste as possible. We like to reward our customers by offering discounts to reduce waste and re-use the Bijou Von bottles.

Markus, CEO of Bijou Von

Best Sellers

Letter Box

We kept being asked about providing something that was easy to use, could be attached to a bag, could be refilled and looked amazing. So here we launched the letterbox spray. We are not going to charge you ridiculous prices, the others we see on the market are almost double in some cases, not here, our Letterbox sprays are exactly that!

Where there are events and school, which don’t allow glass bottles, we provide these, reusable, refillable bottles, which can be used time and time again.

These delightful fun sprays come in a 50ml size, filled with your favourite Hand Sanitiser Spray and from a choice of Pop Colour Covers that you can select from the following.

Each is refillable, comes with a keyring, so can be attached to school bags, lanyards and is a great way of carrying around your sanitiser spray.

Choose from:
Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Roaring Red, Hot Pink, Mr Grey
Black, Lovely Lilac, Sky Blue, White

A Kennedy
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‘My home is enveloped in a lingering scent, that everyone comments on as they walk through the door, even if it has not been lit for hours. Beautifully presented gift! Perfect for Christmas’,
Claire Clement
Read More
I love this range of products, beautiful fragrances and very chic dispenser. Much needed practical product with a chic twist. Brilliant
Leanne Lynch
Read More
Great product. Smells lovely, does not leave your hands sticky and a small amount goes a long way. Bought one for me and a couple as gifts.
Read More
I love these atomizers, much lighter on the hands than a gel and the fragrances are wonderful. My favourite so far is the orange its so much nicer than usual hand sanitizers which are quite often chemically smelling... Give them a try you won't be disappointed.
Alexandra Bartlam
Read More
I absolutely love the atomiser. It’s good looking, a perfect size and all the different scents are gorgeous! Such a clever idea and a great gift! Definitely recommend this product
Josh Aspell
Read More
Fantastic product I couldn’t recommend any more. My hands felt clean, hydrated and sanitised. The packaging is so cool I went for the shiny black. I can’t wait to for my next refill.
Fiona Kelly
Read More
Wow! What a wonderful difference to my hands - not only does it sanitise but also smells amazing! I cannot choose a favourite. Bijou Von are making such a difference
Michelle Morley
Read More
A beautifully scented, gentle and fast drying hand sanitiser. Highly recommended for every hand bag!
Roger Schaffeler
Read More
I've never been a fan a hand sanitizers. Even throughout the pandemic I found it difficult to use sanitizers regularly because of the impact on my hands. That all changed with Bijou Von - I love the feel and the smell. The twist and spray atomiser is beautifully designed.
Laura Walsh
Read More
Brilliant products, smell amazing and fantastic service. Highly recommended
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