Bijou Von

Luxury Candles


Our luxury range of candles, with a high intensity of scent. All individually hand poured. Each in a 30cl glass, with a metal silver coloured lid. Beautifully presented in it’s own gift box. Each one is hand made and hand poured. Available in a range of scents

All our candles are vegan friendly, not tested on animals. These candles are made from 100% vegetarian Soy wax

Why is our wax sourcing so important?

  • The wax is not genetically modified
  • It is sourced from renewable sources, that can be replenished providing long-term, reliable supply.
  • Does not include harmful pesticides that affect our bees
  • Unlike paraffin, reduced toxins

Packaging and Shipping

  • Price includes packaging and shipping in the U.K.

Ingredients, Allergens and Instructions

  • For instructions, warnings and use, please visit FAQ page
  • For ingredients and allergens please visit the ingredients page.
  • Containers made from reusable and recyclable glass.
  • Product made in the U.K.

Luxury Crystal Carvings Calendar

24 Advent days of crystals Now available at Bijou Von