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This beautiful crystal stone is referred to as the “Stone of Hope”. Whilst it was said to have been named after the Amazon river, and is used by many tribal Amazonians. It is said to connects intuition and logic in order to bridge the gap, to see another approach to any resolution. Balance and self awareness are properties this stone can assist with.  Amazonite is a positive stone and also helps with emotional blocks. It is said to attract faith and hope for those who wear it. The Amazonite crystal meaning comes from its connections to the heart chakra and the energy of water.

When you practice gratitude, you can notice the good in small things, such as that hug from someone you love, the sun shining in the morning, that favourite song streaming.

We believe a little reminder to us all is good to remember to be thankful and share forward the good.

Each of our bracelets are lovingly handmade and are adjustable. Natural Amazonite is used, in addition to the lettered beads.

Each bracelet comes in a lovely draw strong bag and is beautifully presented.

Shipping to the U.K. is included in the price.


Disclaimer: Properties of Crystals are provided from external sources. At no point are these able to provide medical and healthwise proven benefits and all the above information on the crystals is provided as information and to be validated by the customer. . WVA Ltd or Bijou Von, accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. We advise the receiver of the crystals to conduct their own research to understand the insights & values of the crystals and minerals.

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